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Beginning in 2016, CLE compliance must be reported through the electronic registration and payment system, unless an attorney has received one of the Court-approved exceptions.

The reporting forms provided on this website are ONLY for attorneys who are seeking reinstatement from the CLE Ineligible List and for attorneys who failed to complete their CLE and/or report completion with the current reporting requirement by the expiration of the grace period.

Notices to the Bar and New Information

For Group 2 attorneys who must report compliance with the continuing legal education (CLE) requirement during the 2019 attorney registration process, a nonrefundable noncompliance fee of $50 will be assessed against those who report they did not complete the required courses by the deadline for course completion. An additional nonrefundable $50 (for a total of $100) will be assessed against attorneys who fail to complete their CLE courses within the grace period given pursuant to BCLE Reg. 402:1 and against attorneys who fail to report regarding compliance at all.

Attorneys who report that they have not completed the CLE requirement by 12/31/2018 will be given a grace period until 06/28/2019 to complete their CLE requirement. If you complete your CLE requirement within the grace period, you MUST return to the on-line registration system to report final compliance on or before 06/28/2019. Failure to complete the CLE and to report that by the end of the grace period will result in an attorney being considered noncompliant.

Once an attorney is in noncompliant status, he or she will no longer be able to report compliance on-line and will have to report through a reporting form provided by the Board. In addition, attorneys in this status must provide certificates of attendance proving compliance before his or her record can be modified to a compliant status.

Attorneys who remain noncompliant with the CLE requirement after the grace period are subject to being declared administratively ineligible to practice New Jersey law. To be restored to active status and removed from the CLE ineligible list, a noncompliant attorney must satisfy all outstanding CLE credit requirements and pay any required fees. The CLE credit requirement will stack; i.e., the attorney must make up CLE credits for all compliance periods that the attorney is noncompliant.

Providers of NJ Continuing Legal Education

The Board on Continuing Legal Education has moved to its new on-line computer tracking system.  Providers should be able to access this new system by February 18.  Please note that the pdf applications will not be available for use in the future. Provider applications and course announcements submitted by mail will be returned.

Existing approved service or per-course providers please do not create a new account

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New providers

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