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New CLE Requirement effective Jan. 1, 2021: Five CLE credits in ethics and professionalism including two CLE credits focused on diversity, inclusion and elimination of bias are required each two-year cycle.

Supreme Court relaxes live classroom requirement for continuing legal education -- Read the Order.

The reporting forms provided on this website are ONLY for attorneys who are seeking reinstatement from the CLE Ineligible List and for attorneys who failed to complete their CLE and/or report completion with the current reporting requirement by the expiration of the grace period.

Notices to the Bar and New Information


Pursuant to BCLE Reg. 402:1, attorneys who report that they have not completed the CLE requirement by 12/31/2021 will be assessed a $50 noncompliance fee and given a grace period until 06/24/2022 to complete their CLE requirement. Upon completion of the CLE credits, they MUST return to this on-line registration system to report final compliance on or before 06/24/2022. After the expiration of the grace period, attorneys can no longer report CLE compliance through the on-line registration system.

Those who fail to complete and/or report CLE compliance by the expiration of the grace period will be assessed an additional $50 noncompliance fee, for a total of $100, and be required to submit a reporting form provided by the Board, along with documentation proving compliance.

Attorneys who remain noncompliant with the CLE requirement are subject to being declared administratively ineligible to practice New Jersey law. To be removed from the CLE Ineligible List, attorneys must make up all required credits for each compliance period that they are noncompliant and pay all required fees.

Effective January 1, 2021, the number of total ethics and professionalism credits required during a compliance-reporting period will increase from four to five credit hours and must include at least two credit hours of coursework in diversity, inclusion, and elimination of bias. Diversity, inclusion, and elimination of bias programs and courses relevant to the practice of law may include, among other topics, implicit and explicit bias, equal access to justice, serving a diverse population, diversity and inclusion initiatives in the legal profession, and cultural competency in the practice of law or the administration of justice. Attorneys in Group 1 reporting compliance with the CLE requirement in 2022 are required to meet this revised ethics credit requirement.

Providers of NJ Continuing Legal Education

The Board on Continuing Legal Education requires that all providers seeking course accreditation in New Jersey and approved service provider status in New Jersey submit their applications though its on-line computer tracking system. Through this system, providers can submit course approval requests, obtain New Jersey Certificates of Attendance, and request or renew approved service provider status.

The provider CLE accreditation system has been updated to reflect the recent amendment to the ethics requirement to include diversity, inclusion and the elimination of bias (DIEB) credits. Providers are now required to provide the minutes specifically for DIEB instruction. Therefore, ethics minutes are now divided into two columns, one specifically for DIEB minutes of instruction and the other for total ethics minutes including DIEB minutes. For example, a course that is 200 minutes of total instruction, 50 minutes specifically for DIEB instruction and another 50 minutes in other ethics instruction, the provider would input in the respective columns: 200 total minutes, 50 DIEB minutes, and 100 total ethics minutes.

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