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Annual Assessment - New Jersey Attorneys

The assessment annually paid by members of the New Jersey Bar has four components:

  1. the Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection;
  2. the disciplinary system, including the Office of Attorney Ethics and the Disciplinary Review Board;
  3. the Lawyers Assistance Program; and
  4. the Board on Continuing Legal Education and the Board of Bar Examiners. 

The amount of the assessment and its allocation are determined by the Supreme Court of New Jersey each year. (See fee schedule)

Billing is done strictly on a calendar year basis; there are no pro rata charges. Attorneys are not required to pay the annual assessment during the year in which they are admitted regardless of how long or short the portion of that first calendar year of admission may be. Those admitted 50 or more years also need not pay. >Exemptions from payment are limited to attorneys who are on active duty in the U.S. military, Peace Corps or AmeriCorps or to those who are completely retired from the practice of law in every jurisdiction. Attorneys may be granted these exemptions only upon proper completion of certifications that their activities comport with the exemptions as defined. Attorneys who neither pay nor are granted the retired or military exemption are declared ineligible to practice law by Order of the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Within a few months of admission, attorneys should receive a welcome packet from the Board of Bar Examiners.  Included in that packet is a letter from the Fund providing a unique USER ID and temporary password.  Each attorney must access the Online Registration and Payment Center to set up an account.

Given the importance of the annual registration and assessment, it is essential that members of the Bar update their contact information as changes occur.  This can be done online at Information about Attorney Annual Registration and Payment.

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