New Jersey Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection - Fee Schedule

Admitted: Fee if received on or before February 28, 2020 Fee if received after February 28, 2020 but before Ineligible List
1971 or prior to 1971 Exempt from payment Exempt from payment - No late fee
1972 - 2016 $212 $252
2017 or 2018 $183 $223
2019 $35 $75
2020 Exempt from payment Exempt from payment - No late fee

CLE Noncompliance:  A $50 noncompliance fee will be assessed by the Board on Continuing Legal Education against attorneys who report they did not complete the required courses by the course completion deadline. An additional $50 (for a total of $100) will be assessed against attorneys who fail to complete their Continuing Legal Education courses within the grace period of June 26, 2020, or who fail to report CLE compliance at all. Attorneys who remain noncompliant with the mandatory CLE requirement are subject to being declared administratively ineligible to practice New Jersey law, pursuant to BCLE Regulation 402:3.  To be removed from the CLE ineligible list, the noncompliant attorney must satisfy ALL outstanding CLE credit requirements and pay any required fees. *Even if you have not satisfied your CLE requirements or are CLE Non-Compliant, you are encouraged to complete your annual registration and payment by February 28, 2020 to avoid registration late fees.