Disciplinary Review Board Members

The Board consists of nine members appointed by the Supreme Court. Board members serve without compensation. Three appointees are non-lawyer, public members, customarily one member is a retired judge of the Appellate Division or of the Superior Court; the remaining five members are attorneys.

The following board members may be contacted at:

Disciplinary Review Board
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
25 West Market Street
P.O. Box 962
Trenton, NJ 08625

Board Member

Bonnie C. Frost

Office of Board Counsel

Ellen A. Brodsky
Chief Counsel
Bruce W. Clark
Deputy Chief Counsel
Peter J. Boyer
Missy Urban
First Assistant Counsel
Judge Maurice J. Gallipoli Timothy M. Ellis
Assistant Counsel
Thomas J. Hoberman

Regina Waynes Joseph
Lillian Lewin
Assistant Counsel
Eileen Rivera Barry R. Petersen
Assistant Counsel
Anne C. Singer Colin T. Tams
Assistant Counsel
Robert C. Zmirich Kathryn A. Winterle
Assistant Counsel