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Judiciary Account Charge System

JACS is a web-based application that gives you the convenience of an account for charging filing fees and other fees instead of having to pay by check, cash or money order. You must have an active JACS account to file through eCourts or to use the Electronic Access Program (EAP) to access select court information systems..

Please note: You must have a User ID to open an account or to access JACS. If you have a BAR ID, you must still register for JACS usage.

You will need your Firm ID if you plan to use your JACS account to file through eCourts. If you don’t have (or don’t know) your Firm ID, call Phone: 609-421-6100

If you have access to JACS you can easily:

  • Open a new JACS account;
  • Make a deposit to your JACS account through our user-friendly ACH interface;
  • View (and print) your account activity whenever you need this information;
  • Request a convenient electronic copy of your monthly statement;
  • Update pertinent information related to your account;
  • Close a JACS account that you no longer need.