Multicounty Litigation - Frequently Asked Questions

Multicounty litigation may be distinguished from other personal injury claims by several distinct features. First, multicounty litigations involve large numbers of claims that are associated with a single product. Second, despite the number of claimants, there is a commonality of factual and legal issues. Third, there is a value interdependence between the different claims.

There are 19 multicounty litigations in New Jersey. Those include Accutane, Asbestos, ABG Stryker, Benicar, Bristol-Meyers-Squib, Fosamax, Levaquin, Mirena, Risperdal/Seroquel/Zyprexa, Talc-Powder, YAZ/Yasmin/Ocella, Pelvic Mesh, Reglan, Stryker Implant ,Pompton Lakes, DePuy ASR Hip Implant, AlloDerm, Propecia and Stryker LFIT.

The New Jersey Superior Court Trial Level is divided into three parts: Criminal, Family, and Civil. Within the Civil Division there are sections such as the Special Civil Part section (small claims, landlord tenant). Multicounty Litigations for the state of New Jersey are currently being managed in the Civil Division Part in Middlesex County, New Brunswick, NJ, the Civil Division Part in Atlantic County, Atlantic City, NJ, and the Civil Division Part in Bergen County, Hackensack, NJ.

AlloDerm, Asbestos, Fosamax, Levaquin, Propecia, Reglan, and Risperdal/Seroquel/Zyprexa are handled in the Multicounty Litigation Intake section of the Civil Clerk's Office located at:

56 Paterson St.
Tower Wing, 2nd Floor
Multicounty Litigation Intake
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903

ABG Stryker, DePuy ASR Hip Implant, Mirena, Pelvic Mesh, Pompton Lakes, Stryker LFIT, Stryker Implant, and Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella are handled by the Multicounty Litigation Civil Clerk's Office located at:

Room 115
10 Main Street
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601

Accutane, Benicar, Bristol-Meyers_Squibb, and Talc-Powder are handled in the Multicounty Litigation Intake section of the Civil Clerk's office at:

1201 Bacharach Boulevard
Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401

This web site will contain a list of each multicounty litigation by case type: e.g., asbestos. Within the case type screen you will be able to ascertain the case type description, judge, attorney list, case name, docket number, management recommendations (special master), case management orders (judge's order), motion lists, motion dates, motion designations, (oral arguments or submissions on the papers), motion dispositions, (decisions, opinions/or reasons), and links to Federal Multi-District Litigation.

At this time the multicounty litigation section is NOT an electronic filing or imaging system. Important pleadings such as master complaints, court decisions and orders will be posted at the court's discretion. The court will also post discovery schedules, settlement conference notices and CANCELLATIONS on a daily basis.

After the Judge's initial conference in Multicounty Litigation matters a short form complaint is approved by the Multicounty Litigation Judge. Please go to the forms portion of this Multicounty Litigation to view the form.

Yes, there are fees attached to Multicounty Litigation document filing similar to the Civil Law matters.

Once Multicounty Litigation is designated the Judge assigns a quick date for the pre-conference setting up, discovery issues, forms, then monthly conferences are scheduled with the liaison counsel to establish time lines, IME, depositions etc, picking bellwether cases, first trial etc.

Yes, document entry is quicker since only one department needs to touch the matter.