Attorney Ethics Research Assistance Hotline – For Lawyers Only

The telephone number for the attorney ethics research assistance hotline is: (609) 815-2924. Lawyers may call the hotline for research assistance on legal ethics and advertising issues pertaining to their own, prospective conduct. The hotline does not provide advice or an opinion, and does not discuss substantive law. The call is confidential but callers must provide their names and certify that they are New Jersey lawyers, their inquiry concerns their own, prospective conduct, and they are not currently the subject of a disciplinary grievance or proceeding. The hotline does not accept anonymous calls. See R. 1:19-9. You will be prompted to leave a voice mail message, and your call will be returned.

Complaints About Lawyers

If you are not a lawyer and you have a complaint about a lawyer, or want information about how to file a grievance against a lawyer, call the Office of Attorney Ethics at (609) 403-7800, or see the Judiciary website on how to file a grievance,

Calls From Lawyers About Another Lawyer's Conduct

The hotline will not accept calls from lawyers who seek guidance, advice, or an opinion about whether another lawyer’s conduct violates the ethics rules. Rule 1:19-9 only authorizes the hotline to speak with lawyers about their own, prospective conduct.

If the question is whether the caller is obligated to report another lawyer for violating the ethics rules, the hotline will discuss Rule of Professional Conduct 8.3(a) (Reporting Professional Misconduct) but will not render advice or an opinion on whether the caller does or does not have an obligation to report certain conduct under that Rule.

Calls About Trust Accounts Or Accounting

The hotline will only generally discuss Rule 1:21-6, regarding bank accounts. If your call concerns details of trust accounting not specifically addressed in that Rule, call the Office of Attorney Ethics Random Audit group at (609) 403-7800 Ext.34130.

If your call concerns registering your trust account with IOLTA, call IOLTA at (732) 247-8222 or visit its website at

Calls About Attorney Registration

If you have a question about attorney registration, see

If you have a question about how to register as a lawyer with more than one law firm, contact the Office of Attorney Ethics at (609) 403-7800, or see

Calls About CLE Requirements

Please call Continuing Legal Education (CLE) staff at (609) 815-2930 or see

Calls Seeking Copies of Advisory Opinions

Opinions of the Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics, Committee on Attorney Advertising, and Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of Law can be found at

Calls About Certificates of Good Standing

Certificates of Good Standing are issued by the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office. Contact the Board of Bar Examiners at (609) 815-2911. There is a cost for this service. See

Calls About Certificates of Ethical Conduct

Certificates of Ethical Conduct are issued by the Office of Attorney Ethics. Send your request in writing to: Office of Attorney Ethics, P.O. Box 963, Trenton, NJ 08625. Include your name, date of birth, attorney ID number, date of admission to the N.J. State Bar, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. There is no cost for this service. The hotline does not answer inquiries about certificates of ethical conduct.