COVID-19 Filing Information for Self-Represented Litigants

Please do not come to the Appellate Division in person unless necessary, and if necessary, please call in advance as the situation changes daily.

At this time, email is strongly encouraged. However, you may still send filings in paper or call 609-815-2950 for assistance and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

All initial case filings listed below should be emailed to

Notice of Appeal

You must email only a notice of appeal, case information statement, copy of the order being appealed, transcript request form and any motions, along with a supporting certification explaining why the motion should be granted. Do not send exhibits or other documents at this time. You will have the opportunity to submit them with the originals by mail.

Motion for Leave to Appeal

You must email only the motion for leave to appeal, copy of order being appealed and the proof of service.

Motion to File as Within Time

You must email only the motion, copy of order being appealed, certification in support of motion and the proof of service.


Please note that your submission will be reviewed and you will be notified via letter to send your original documents and required copies, payment and any corrections asked for. You will have 15 days to send the documents to the court to preserve your filing date for a notice of appeal and as within time motion and 10 days for a motion for leave to appeal. If papers are received beyond that a motion to file as within time will be required.

If you have a case manager and you have a filing under 15mb, please email your case manager (first name.last