Complex Business Litigation Program

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The New Jersey Supreme Court established the Complex Business Litigation Program (CBLP) on Jan. 1, 2015. On Sept. 1, 2018, rules governing the practice and procedure in CBLP cases became effective.

The program and its rules are designed to better serve the litigation needs of New Jersey businesses by resolving complex business, commercial and construction cases in an expedited manner. Cases in the CBLP usually arise from business or commercial transactions or construction projects that have complex factual or legal issues, a large number of parties, substantial discovery issues, multiple experts, implications for business beyond the decision in the particular case and a probable significant interpretation of a business or commercial statute.

Benefits of the Program

As part of the program, at least one judge in each vicinage is designated to handle all CBLP cases filed in that vicinage. Each case within the program is individually managed by the designated judge in order to provide for better case management and efficiencies in CBLP cases. Designated judges are required to author two written opinions annually on CBLP matters in order to develop a body of case law. Those opinions are available for review on the Judiciary's Business Opinions webpage. To receive email notifications of new CBLP opinions please send an email to:


A case is automatically assigned to the CBLP if the amount in controversy is at least $200,000 and the litigants self-designate the case as complex commercial or complex construction. For a case not presumptively assigned to the program, litigants can file a motion requesting inclusion where the claim involves complex business related issues and/or the amount in controversy is less than $200,000. Likewise, a motion can be made to exclude a case from the program. Whether pursuant to a motion, or on the judge’s own accord, the CBLP judge will review a case to determine whether the complex nature of the action or the threshold damages claim amount has been established. The case will then be included or removed from the CBLP, accordingly.