Program for Mediation of Economic Aspects of Family Law Cases

This program is designed to help you resolve family disputes over economic assets. For example, it could help divorcing couples find common ground to split shared property and support. 

Most cases go before the Matrimonial Early Settle Panel (MESP). If that panel fails to resolve the case, it could be referred for mediation. Parties can also request mediation any time prior to MESP. 

Fill out the Referral Order for Post-MESP Mediation Program  to request participation. 

Benefits of mediation include:

  • Confidential proceedings.
  • The opportunity for the parties to create their own, mutually acceptable agreement.
  • Allowing parties to take an active role in resolving their dispute.
  • Saving both parties time and money.

All mediators on the roster have completed 40 hours of mediation training. Mediators are attorneys and other experienced professionals in the financial or mental health fields. Attorney-mediators on the roster are experts in family law. 

Under Court Rule 1:40- 4(b) the first two hours of mediation are free. This includes preparation time. Mediators need to complete the Mediation Case Information Form [CN 10491] after the mediation session.

Contact the Family Division in your country for more information on the program. This includes a program brochure. You can also contact:

Family Practice Division
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
P.O. Box 983
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

You can search for mediators by county.

If you want to become a mediator, you need to apply. Current mediators can change or update their roster status.