Bail Surety Program Registration and Enforcement

The Superior Court Clerk’s Office maintains the Surety Bond Registry and registers all corporate insurance companies, their bail agencies and agents and guarantors of surety bonds. No surety bond for purposes of bail shall be accepted by any court unless the insurer has first filed with the Superior Court Clerk's Office a Bail Program Registration Form.

In addition to the registration process, the Clerk’s office handles the enforcement process. If a condition of a recognizance is breached, bail will be forfeited by court order. A notice will be sent to county counsel, the defendant, and any surety or insurer, bail agent or agency directing that a default judgment will be entered as to any outstanding bail, absent a written objection seeking to set aside the forfeiture, which must be filed within 75 days of the date of the notice. The notice shall also advise the insurer that if it fails to satisfy a judgment and until satisfaction is made, it shall be removed from the Bail Registry and its bail agents and agencies, guarantors, and other persons or entities authorized by the insurer to administer or manage its bail bond business in this State will have no further authority to act for it, and their names, as acting for the insurer, will be removed from the Bail Registry.

To register an agency or agent with the Superior Court Clerk's Office, a corporate sponsor must complete and submit a Bail Program Registration Form.

E-mail the completed registration form to

For more information, call 609-421-6100.