Copy and Authentication Fees

Plain Copies:

  • 5¢ per page for letter size pages;
  • 7¢ per page for legal size pages.

Certified Copy: $15.00

Seal of the Court: $10.00

Exemplified Copy: $50.00 plus the plain copy fees

Triple Exemplified Copy: $60.00

Certificate of Statewide Judgment Lien: $10.00

Certificate of Divorce: $10.00

Certified Copy of Final Judgment of Divorce: $25.00*

*NOTE: When requesting copies of judgments of divorce, the terms of property settlement agreements are not always contained within or attached to the judgment. Additional copy fees may apply to a property settlement agreement that is not contained within the judgment of divorce.

Methods of Payment for Copy Fees

Payment for fees is accepted in the form of check and money order;cash is only accepted in person only. Checks/money orders must be payable to Treasurer-State of New Jersey. NOTE: Only checks with pre-printed names will be accepted. Attorneys may use their Superior Court Attorney Collateral Account to pay for copies. Since for plain copies the copy fee is based on the number of pages, we cannot determine the exact fee for copies until the request is processed. Please ensure that you provide a daytime telephone number on your copy request form so that we can inform you of the copy fee for your request.

How to Request Copies of Court Records

Please complete a Records Request Form and email it to or mail or bring it to our office.

For additional information on how to obtain copies of records, contact customer service at 609-421-6100.