Statewide Judgment Processing Services

Assistant Chief
Jamar Purnsley

The function of the Judgment Processing Services Team is to enter on the Civil Judgment and Order Docket judgments from the Law Division (Civil Part and Special Civil Part), and orders from the Chancery Division (Family Part and Probate Part), the Criminal Division, and the Municipal courts. The Judgment Processing Services Team also processes Amended Judgments, Orders to Vacate, Orders to Revive Judgment, Certificates of Debt, Substitution of Attorney documents, and judgments from other states (Foreign Judgments) and other New Jersey state agencies against individuals.

All initial filings are recorded in the vicinages/local courts for proper stamping and entry. Once recorded in the vicinage, the plaintiff submits the judgment to the Superior Court Judgment Processing Services Team in Trenton where it is docketed as a statewide lien.

All inquiries can be directed to Customer Service by calling 609-421-6100 or E-mail us at

All correspondence (filings) should be directed to:

Address for regular mail:
Judgment Processing Services
Superior Court Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 971
Trenton, NJ 08625

Address for messenger service:
Judgment Processing Services
Superior Court Clerk's Office
25 W. Market St.
Sixth Floor North Wing
Trenton, NJ 08611

NOTE: Any mail sent through the U.S. Postal Service, including certified and U.S. Express Mail, must reference the P.O. Box 971 or it will not be received. Any mail sent through private carriers, must reference the street address.

Filing Fee Schedule:

  • Judgments - $35.00
  • Docketed Judgments - $35.00
  • Satisfaction of Judgment - $50.00
  • Writs of Execution - $50.00
  • Subordination, Assignment, Postponement of Judgment - $35.00

Checks or money orders should be made payable to Treasurer - State of New Jersey. Attorneys may use their Judiciary Collateral Account to pay any fees. Cash is not accepted.

Fee Waiver Request:

If you believe that you should be exempt from filing fees due to your financial circumstances, fill out the Filling Fee Waiver Request Form. This form should accompany your document(s). The form and the documents should be submitted to the General Equity Judge in the county in which the property is located so that the judge may review the fee waiver request. Once the judge has made a determination, your documents will be forwarded to the Superior Court Clerk's Office for filing. If the judge denies the fee waiver request, you will be notified to submit the fee before the documents can be filed.

Copy Requests:

For information on obtaining copies of files or documents call Customer Service at 609-421-6100. Requests for records must be in writing. Refer to Copies of Court Records for more details on submitting a request.

Samples to use as a reference for completing the following forms:

Procedures for Filing General Writs of Execution: A Writ of Execution is a method of collecting on a judgment through an order for the sheriff to attach any property of a judgment debtor in the amount that will satisfy the judgment.

Procedures for Filing Wage Executions: A wage execution is a means of obtaining satisfaction of a judgment by acquiring a court order for garnishment of wages.

Recording of Foreign Judgment in New Jersey: A judgment, order or decree rendered by the courts of another state, the transcript of which is filed at a court in NJ for the same effect and enforcement or satisfaction in the same manner as if the judgment had been rendered in NJ.

Warrant to Satisfy a Judgment: If a judgment has been satisfied, the plaintiff should prepare this form and submit it to court so it can be marked satisfied.