Public Access Reports

The Judiciary generates reports containing information from Judiciary databases, which are for sale to the public. Refer to New Jersey Court Rule 1:38-1 to 9. The frequency at which a report is produced and the media on which a report can be obtained varies. Most reports are produced on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Several years' worth of complete data is not available for all reports. Depending on how each customer intends to use the data, additional programming by a third party may be required.*

*Users who may require a third party to do some additional programming before using the data contained in these reports should note the following: Data contained in the reports is provided in either Report Format or Data File Format. The data provided in Report Format cannot be imported into an Excel file without some additional programming. Data Files may or may not be text delimited. Data Files will include a record layout which shows how fields are positioned within the record.

Be advised that the Open Public Records Act (N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et seq.), does not apply to the New Jersey Judiciary. Requests made to the New Jersey Judiciary for records are governed by New Jersey Court Rule 1:38.

The list of reports available for purchase follows. The Judiciary cannot create customized reports based on individual requests, pursuant to Court Rule 1:38-13. To obtain information on a specific report, including a general description of the report and data field specifications, click on the links below.

    Attorney Information

    The Central Attorney Management System (CAMS) contains a list of all active New Jersey attorneys. The list is updated twice yearly after the Bar Exam results are posted.

    Bail Reports

    Bail and Bail Registry data comes from two sources: the Bail Registry and the Centralized Automated Bail System (CABS). The Bail Registry is maintained by the Clerk of the Superior Court pursuant to N.J.S.A. 17:31-13 and contains a list of all surety companies, bail agents and bail agencies authorized to insure or write bail in the State of New Jersey. CABS is a system that contains information on all bail written in criminal cases, including the status of bail forfeitures.

    Civil Reports (Superior Court)

    The statewide Automated Case Management System (ACMS) is used by the New Jersey Superior Court to index and docket Law Division (Civil and Special Civil Part) cases and Chancery (General Equity and Foreclosure) cases. ACMS archives cases that have been closed for 18 months; only active cases remain on ACMS. The limited case information that has been archived by ACMS is then moved to the Archive Management Information System (AMIS) where it remains permanently.

    Criminal Reports (Superior Court)

    The Promis Gavel (PG) system contains all Superior Court criminal cases dating back to 1980.

    Judgment (Statewide Lien) Reports

    The Civil Judgment and Order Docket contains all statewide liens in the State of New Jersey. Judgments are recorded as statewide liens upon request of the judgment creditor and payment of the applicable fee. Most judgments expire after 20 years; so a request for 21 years worth of judgments will result in a report that includes the entire active database.

    Municipal Court Reports

    The Municipal Courts in New Jersey are considered courts of limited jurisdiction, having responsibility for motor vehicle and parking tickets, minor criminal-type offenses (for example, simple assault and bad checks), municipal ordinance offenses (such as dog barking or building code violations) and other offenses, such as fish and game violations. A Municipal Court usually has jurisdiction only over cases that occur within the boundaries of its municipality. Many serious criminal cases, such as robbery, auto theft, or assault, start out as complaints filed in the Municipal Court, but are then transferred to the Superior Court.

    Tax Court Reports

    The Tax Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. Tax Court Judges hear appeals of tax decisions made by County Boards of Taxation. They also hear appeals on decisions made by the Director of the Division of Taxation on such matters as state income, sales and business taxes, and homestead rebates. The Tax Court produces a report containing a list of judgments entered.

Purchasing Reports

Reports can be purchased through the Superior Court Clerk's Office. To request a report, click on the Public Access Request form below or to see the full list of reports available for purchase, click on Public Access Reports for Sale link. Once you have chosen the desired report(s) and have filled out the Request form, send your request via E-mail to Once received, your request will be processed and a cost estimate will be emailed back to you for approval.

Report Cancellations

To cancel reports you are receiving on a regular basis, send an email with your Customer information and the reports you wish to cancel to In the subject line of the email, enter "Public Access Requests – Report Cancellation and Your Company Name."

Public Access: Public Access Request

The Judiciary offers reports containing data from Judiciary databases for sale to the public. The frequency of report production and the media on which the reports or electronic data can be obtained varies. The list of reports available to the public follows. Reports are purchased through the Superior Court Clerk's Office. In order to obtain any report listed, you will need to fill out a Public Access Request Form. All fields must be filled out on the request form and saved to your computer as Public Access Request Form. For daily and weekly report(s) you will need to obtain a charge account before the reports can be sent. For monthly reports, if you do not have a charge account, you will be required to mail in your request form as needed, along with a check in the amount of the report(s) to: Superior Court Clerk's Office, Public Access Services-Public Access Reports, P.O. Box 971, Trenton, NJ 08625. Once received, the request will be processed.

Superior Court Charge Account

Opening a Judiciary Charge Account is simple and straightforward. You can do it quickly with an easily obtained Judiciary User ID. Need more information? Review and learn about our Judiciary Account Charge System self-service application.

Requesting Reports

With Collateral Account - Send request form to Once received, a cost estimate will be prepared and sent via email to you for your response. If you accept the estimate, your request will be processed.

By Check

Send request form to Once received, a cost estimate will be prepared and sent via email to you for your response. If you accept the estimate, respond to the email stating you will be sending the request form and check in the amount of the report(s). Make checks payable to: "Treasurer, State of New Jersey." Once received, your payment and request will be processed and your report(s) will be mailed out to you.

NOTE: When sending requests via E-mail, in the subject heading put "Public Access Request Form – Your Company Name"


Questions concerning any of the reports or the requesting process should be brought to the attention of the Public Access Services Team, Superior Court Clerk's Office at 609-421-6100 or via e-mail to