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Supreme Court of New Jersey


The New Jersey Supreme Court is the state’s highest appellate court.  Supreme Court decisions and oral arguments help lay the foundation for interpreting and applying state laws.

The chief justice and six associate justices compose the Supreme Court.  They are responsible for reviewing cases from the lower courts.  The Chief Justice also serves as the administrative head of the court system. This role includes overseeing management of the state’s lower courts.

Most litigants must request that the Court hear their appeal. They need to file a petition for certification with the Court. The Supreme Court mostly reviews cases with significant importance to public, the interpretation of a law, and when there are conflicting Appellate Division decisions.

In very limited circumstances, such as where a judge in the Appellate Division files a dissenting opinion, a party may appeal as of right to the Supreme Court. In deciding the cases that come before it, the Court interprets:

  • The New Jersey and the United States Constitution.
  • New Jersey statutes.
  • Administrative regulations of the state’s governmental agencies.
  • The body of common law.

Guideline 4 of the Guidelines for the Operation of Plea Agreements in the Municipal Courts.

Litigants seeking appeals to the Supreme Court can visit the Self-Help section for the appropriate forms and procedures.

Read the Court’s written opinions.

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Chief Justice Stuart Rabner’s State of the Judiciary address to the New Jersey State Bar Association, May 17, 2024.

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