Court Interpreting Resources and Contacts

Do you need a court interpreter?

Please notify court staff immediately and one will be provided at no cost. You can also contact the Trail Court Administrator at 908-332-7700 ext. 13000 .

The court provides quality interpreter services.

If you need additional help, you can also call the Ombudsman for your court.

Notice to deaf or hard of hearing

You have the right to a sign language interpreter or other reasonable accommodation if one is required for you to effectively communicate in Court. If you require a sign language interpreter or other accommodation to communicate, email

Role of the Interpreter

The court interpreter can:

  • Help you to communicate with persons in the courtroom, including your lawyer, court staff, and the judge.
  • Interpret everything you say into English.
  • Interpret everything said in court into your native language.
  • Interpret everything that is said, without adding, omitting, or changing anything.

The interpreter will need to hear you speak in your native language and can ask you questions, such as where you are from or if you have ever used an interpreter before.

The court interpreter is bound by rules of confidentiality and will not repeat to anyone what you say privately to your lawyer.

The Court Interpreter cannot:

  • Give you legal or any other advice.
  • Talk to you about your case.
  • Explain what words mean or what is happening in court.
  • Answer questions about what will happen in court.
  • Have private conversations with you or your family.
  • Wait until you feel you need interpretation. If you don’t use the interpreter’s services at all times, the interpreter might be excused from the proceeding.