Monmouth Vicinage Law Day Program

Monmouth Law Day 2021

Important Announcements

Dear Teachers and Students,

In recognition of Law Day 2021, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Monmouth Vicinage invites your students to participate in our annual Law Day Art, Poetry and Essay contest. The contest allows students to demonstrate their creativity and talents while taking part in a celebration of our nation’s laws. Winners will be honored in a ceremony and awarded prizes. Winning poetry entries will be showcased in a virtual Poetry Slam. We invite you to view virtual educational programs on the Law Day theme which will be offered from March 2021 through June 2021. Events will be offered using zoom and will be recorded and posted to youtube.
The American Bar Association has selected “Advancing the Rule of Law, Now” as this year’s Law Day theme. In selecting this year’s theme, the ABA has explained: “The rule of law is the bedrock of American rights and liberties—in times of calm and unrest alike. The 2021 Law Day theme—Advancing the Rule of Law, Now—reminds all of us that we the people share the responsibility to promote the rule of law, defend liberty, and pursue justice.
The theme asks us to reflect on the importance of the rule of law in our nation and how our laws unite the American people and create expectations of a fair justice system. As part of the theme we are called up to examine the importance of the following:

  • how citizens and advocates can shape the rule of law
  • an independent judiciary free from bias
  • transparency in our legislative and court processes
  • equal enforcement and equal application of the law
  • laws that comport with international human rights law
All inquiries about contests and events can be directed to: Monmouth Vicinage looks forward to celebrating Law Day 2021 and is grateful for the support of the Monmouth Bar Association, the New Jersey State Bar Foundation and the IOLTA Fund.

Rebekah Heilman, Ombudsman
Monmouth Vicinage

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