Parenting Coordinator Program

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This program is designed to help parents implement their parenting plan and resolve day-to-day parenting issues with the assistance of a neutral third party. For example, one parent wants to change the court-ordered visitation time and the other parent disagrees. The Parenting Coordinator would talk to each parent to see if they could agree and would make a recommendation if they could not agree.

Benefits of a parenting coordinator include:

  • Effective communication with a focus on the child’s best interest.
  • Reduced misunderstandings and a process for parents to reach a mutual compromise.
  • Reduced litigation in court.
  • Lower costs and shorter timeframes.

Find Your Own Parenting Coordinator

Under Court Rule 5:8D the court may appoint a parenting coordinator selected by the parties. This can be a professional who is not on the Judiciary's roster, or it can be someone the parents trust, such as a mutual friend or community member. The benefit of choosing someone they know is that the person is familiar with the family members and their unique situation. 

Use a Parenting Coordinator from the Court’s Roster

The court can appoint a parenting coordinator from the Judiciary's roster of trained professionals. They are often attorneys, mediators, or mental health professions who have completed mandatory training. They charge an hourly fee for their services.

Apply to Be a Parenting Coordinator

If you want to be listed on the court’s roster as a professional parenting coordinator, you need to apply. Approved parenting coordinators can also change or update their roster status.

For more information, contact the Family Practice Division at 

609-815-2900 ext. 55350
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