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Morris/Sussex Vicinage to Conduct In-Person Election Day Hearings

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News Release

This is an archived document. It might contain outdated information. RELEASE DATE: June 6, 2022

Morris/Sussex Vicinage to Conduct In-Person Election Day Hearings

Superior Court judges will be available in Morris and Sussex counties to conduct remote or in-person hearings for primary election-related issues on Tuesday, June 7.

Election officials, petitioners, and attorneys will be able to appear before the court by video, telephone or in person at the courthouses.

Voters with primary election-related concerns or questions about the June 7 primary or who are seeking assistance on how to cast their vote can contact their county clerk’s office and/or board of elections.

If appropriate, these offices will make arrangements for the voter to appear remotely or report to a designated courtroom at the courthouse, where a hearing will be conducted.

For Morris:
Morris County Clerk - 973-285-6066
County Board of Elections - 973-285-6715

For Sussex:
Sussex County Clerk - 973-579-0900
County Board of Elections - 973-579-0950