Advisory Committee on Minority Concerns

Vicinages across the state have brought diverse groups of volunteers together with judges, court staff, and other members of the public to form Vicinage Advisory Committees on Minority Concerns. These advisory committees examine issues of importance to racial/ethnic minorities and the community-at-large in gaining fair and equitable access to court services and programs. In addition to gathering information related to court operations, policies, and programs and advising the local courts on related issues, the committees assist with implementing the recommendations of the Supreme Court Committee on Minority Concerns, monitoring the progress, and making recommendations for improvements to the local Assignment Judge.

NOTE: The recruitment and selection of members for a Vicinage Advisory Committee on Minority Concerns occurs periodically based on the particular needs of the local court and its community. You may use the Volunteer Services contact information posted for the county in which you are interested in serving to find out more about this program.