Volunteers in Education

The Volunteers in Education (VIE) program engages Judiciary volunteers in assisting both youth and adult probationers in a few different capacities. While some volunteers serve as tutors in basic math, science, and reading skills for probationers pursuing their G.E.D., others serve as mentors in guiding probationers through the rehabilitation and probationary monitoring processes. In addition, some Judiciary volunteers may be affiliated with the local school system (i.e., an in-school professional staff member) and able to assist the court in monitoring the behavior and adjustment of the probationer/student in the school environment. Volunteers meet with the probationers at a public location, either one-on-one or in groups, to patiently coach them to achieve a successful outcome. The VIE program is a collaborative effort between the Family Court, Probation Services, and Criminal (Drug Court) Divisions.