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Supervision for Pretrial Intervention Clients

Pretrial Intervention (PTI) clients are supervised by probation officers. The goal is to build on the clients' strengths and give them tools to avoid future criminal behavior.

There are two important differences between the two programs. First, PTI only admits first-time offenders. Second, participants are admitted before their case is decided.

Probation officers assist clients in gaining skills to straighten out personal problems in order to avoid future arrests. The charges are dismissed if the client completes the program.

Length of PTI Service

The term of supervision can be from six months to three years. The length of the term is stated on the order you received from the court. In order to complete PTI, you must comply with all conditions of the program. If you do not meet these conditions, the court can terminate you from the program and your charges will be prosecuted.

Conditions of PTI

  • Obey all federal, state and municipal laws and ordinances.
  • Notify your probation officer within 24 hours of a new arrest or court summons.
  • Answer all inquiries by your probation officer truthfully.
  • Permit inspection of your home and, if appropriate, other places where you send time.
  • Promptly report any change of address or residence to your probation officer.
  • Obtain permission to move outside of New Jersey.
  • Get a job and maintain employment. Notify your probation officer if you change your place of work or if you lose your job.
  • Cooperate with any test, treatment and/or counseling deemed necessary by your probation officer.

How to apply to PTI

Complete an application if you are interested in the program

Local probation offices

Expungement of PTI from your criminal record

Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse Resources

Vicinage Probation Contact Information