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Certified Attorney Marketing Resources

Use the certification marketing materials form to order brochures and logos.

Certified Attorney Logo

A logo is available in a “generic” form enabling all certified attorneys to use the same logo. The logo is available in three sizes: 3/4"; 1"; and 1-1/4". The cost of a logo is $5.00.

The logo reads “New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Attorney.”

This is the only logo approved by the Supreme Court for use by certified attorneys. You may use the logo on business cards, letterhead, and yellow pages advertising, but you must clearly list the area(s) of law in which you have been certified.

You are restricted to the language provided in the Board’s Regulations: “Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as                Attorney” (use whichever is applicable: Civil Trial; Criminal Trial; Workers’ Compensation Law; Municipal Court Law or Matrimonial Law).

The short- hand versions (for example “certified civil trial attorney”) are no longer acceptable.

When using the logo on letterhead or in yellow pages advertising, that form of advertising must clearly denote the specific lawyer or lawyers that are certified and the area(s) of their certification. Thus, one should be able to readily determine, from letterhead or advertising, the specific attorneys who are certified and in what areas they hold such certification. As noted in the above paragraph, only the language provided in the Board’s Regulations is acceptable.

Certified Attorney Brochures

Our sample brochures highlight the importance of hiring a certified attorney.

Brochures are available in multiples of 100 for a cost of $50.00 per hundred.

See the samples below:

Certified Civil Trial Attorneys
Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys 
Certified Matrimonial Law Attorneys 
Certified Municipal Court Law Attorneys
Certified Worker’s Compensation Law Attorneys