Annual Renewal for Certified Attorneys

Discover what you need to know for recertificaiton. 

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Application for Recertification Deadline is March 7, 2022.

If you are unable to file your application by the deadline, you must submit a letter to the Board requesting an extension along with a filing fee of $25, payable to “Secretary, Board on Attorney Certification.” In the extension request, you must provide a good cause reason for the inability to timely file and the date on which you plan to file the application. This request must be submitted by February 14, 2022. An applicant who fails to file either an application for recertification or a good cause request for an extension will lapse and, therefore, will no longer be able to hold himself or herself out as a certified attorney. Pursuant to Board Regulations, an attorney who allows his or her certification to lapse and thereafter seeks to be certified shall comply with all of the requirements for seeking an initial application for certification.

Rules and Regulations

  • Only members in good standing of the Bar of New Jersey are eligible to file an application.
  • Read the Regulations of the Board on Attorney Certification  before completing the application.
  • Read Court Rule 1:39 before completing the application.
  • Please note that, pursuant to RG. 701, the Board obtains information regarding the applicant from the Office of Attorney Ethics. In addition, the Board communicates the status of a certified attorney’s application to other certifying organizations.
  • Confidentiality - The identity of applicants and the contents of application forms, reference letters, and other pertinent information concerning applications for recertification will be treated by the Board, Committee members, and staff as confidential.

Application for Certified Civil Trial Attorneys
Application for Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys 
Application for Certified Matrimonial Law Attorneys 
Application for Certified Municipal Court Law Attorneys
Application for Certified Worker’s Compensation Law Attorneys

Instructions for Completing Application

  • All questions must be answered or shown as “not applicable.” Incomplete applications will be returned.
  • All responses must be typed. Handwritten applications will not be accepted for filing.
  • Section III: Peer Review. Do not send reference letters with your application. Our office will solicit statements of reference by mail and provide forms to each person listed in your application. Applicants are required to furnish accurate and current addresses for references.

    You are encouraged to notify the attorney or judge that you are naming them as a reference in your application for certification. Prior notification often assists the reference in completing and timely returning the peer review form. In order to maintain confidentiality and a fair process, you should not be discussing with your references the details of their peer review responses.
  • Substitute names may be requested of the applicant if any of the provided references are non-responsive. In addition, the Certification Committees and the Board may seek references from other attorneys and judges familiar with the skills of the applicant.
  • Section IV: Substantial Involvement and Special Competence. The percentage requirement referred to in Section IV-A refers to the actual time spent practicing law in your specific area of certification, and is not based on percentage of fees earned or number of cases handled.

    Section IV-B requires you to give the approximate number of matters that you have participated in the categories listed, and in what capacity, for the past five years.

    Please refer to RG. 501:1 for an explanation of what the Board considers substantial involvement.
  • Section V: Continuing Legal Education.
    Attach all Certificates of Attendance for courses that you completed to meet this requirement.

    If you have not yet met your CLE requirement at the time of filing your application, submit additional Certificates of Attendance upon completion.
  • Include check for $175 for each application, payable to “Secretary, Board on Attorney Certification.” If you are seeking recertification for both civil and criminal trial attorney, the fee is $350.
  • Certification and Waiver executed (last page of application signed).
  • Original signed application and payment mailed to:

Mail to (Regular mail):

Board on Attorney Certification - Administrative Office of the Courts
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
P.O. Box 965
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0965


Overnight or hand deliver:

Board on Attorney Certification
Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex
PO Box 970
Trenton, New Jersey 08625