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Municipal Court Appeals

Municipal court appeals go to the Superior Court, criminal division, in the same county as the municipal court.

Some reasons to file an appeal are: 

  • You believe the facts do not support the judge’s decision; or 
  • You believe the judge’s decision does not follow the law.

How to Appeal a Decision of a Municipal Court Self-help Packet

Use this packet if you want to appeal a conviction in a municipal court case. 

Deadlines and Fees

The municipal court must receive your Notice of Municipal Court Appeal form within 20 days (including weekends and holidays) from the date you were found guilty.

Filing Fee $100
Transcript fee To be determined by the municipal court where the case was heard

Do you qualify for a fee waiver?

Note: If you were represented by a court-appointed attorney in your municipal court case, consult with them before you file an appeal. They can help you file your case. 

Court Rules About Municipal Court Appeals

You can get learn more about municipal court appeals from Court Rule 3:23.

Six Steps for Filing a Municipal Appeal

  1. Complete the forms in the How to Appeal a Decision of a Municipal Court Self-help Packet. Make copies of all forms. 

  2. Call the court to ask for the estimated cost of the transcript and to whom the write out the check. Mail or deliver the transcript request form (Form B) to the court, making sure to order at least two transcripts. You can order a copy for yourself as well.

  3. Mail or deliver Form A to the municipal court where you were convicted. 

    If you mail the form, use “certified mail, return receipt requested.” The post office can tell you how to do this. 

    The court MUST receive this form within 20 days of your conviction. This includes weekends and holidays. If you miss the deadline, your appeal will not be heard.

  4. Send or bring a copy of the form to the prosecutor.

    • Ordinance violations: send to the municipal attorney
    • State law violations (tickets, assault, and most other matters): send to county prosecutor
    • Executive order, or appeal based on constitutionality: send to Attorney General

    Call the municipal court for help if you are unsure which prosecutor should receive the form.

    If you mail this copy, it also should be sent “certified mail, return receipt requested.”

    The prosecutor MUST receive this form within five days of it being sent to the municipal court.

  5. Fill out Form C-Certification of Timely Filing. Form C is your statement that you sent or delivered your forms on time and to the correct places. 

  6. Upload Forms A and C in the Judiciary Electronic Document System. You can pay the filing fee with a credit card. 

You also can mail or deliver the forms to the criminal division of Superior Court in the county where the municipal court is located. Make your check payable to “Treasurer, State of NJ.” Send it “certified mail, return receipt requested.” Include one extra copy of each form and a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want the court to send you a stamped “filed” copy back.