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Model Civil Jury Charges System

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Charge Title
Instructions To Jurors Before Voir Dire
1.10A Welcome and Explanation of Nature of Case Word PDF
1.10B Duty of Citizens to Serve as Jurors Word PDF
1.10C Excusing Jurors for Personal Reasons Based on Length of Trial Word PDF
1.10D Number of Jurors to be Selected and Procedure for taking Position in Jury Box Word PDF
1.10E Counsel's Right to Peremptory Challenges Word PDF
1.10F Introduction of Parties, Counsel and Potential Witnesses Word PDF
1.10G Identification of Potential Witnesses Word PDF
1.10H Particularized Questions Word PDF
1.10I Excusing the Balancing of the Jury after Selection is Complete Word PDF
Charge Title
Preliminary Charge (After Jury is Sworn in but before the Openings)
1.11A Role of Jury, Court and Attorneys Word PDF
1.11B Prohibition against Discussing the Case Word PDF
1.11C Jurors Not to Visit the Accident Scene or Do Investigations Word PDF
1.11D Note-Taking Word PDF
1.11E Outline of Order of Events Word PDF
1.11F Jury of Six — Alternates Word PDF
1.11G Settling Defendants Word PDF
1.11H Scheduling Word PDF
1.11I Cell Phone, Pager and other Wireless Communication Devices Word PDF
1.11J Official Interpreters Word PDF
1.12 (Intro) General Provisions and Standard Charge Word PDF