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Student Resources

The United States Supreme Court offer students, families, and teachers activities focused on the history and knowledge of the government. The activities vary from booklets to games and puzzles.

Founded in 2009 by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics is a non-profit civic education seeking higher learning in young students. Teachers will find innovative ways to engage students in civic democracy through games and other educational resources.

Ben’s Guide is an online learning tool about the Federal and U.S. Government. Created by the Government Publishing Office, there are different learning levels and games designed for varying age brackets. For instance, preschoolers learn about apprenticeship while 14-aged-plus students join the master level learning adventures

Law for Kids was created by the Arizona Bar Foundation. It combines law games and classroom education in a friendly way to help young students be more aware of their lawful rights. Parents can also be active in their children’s law education by creating an account

Law Facts for Kids provides definitions and breakdowns of laws in simple terms for younger kids to understand.

Kids in the House is an educational website provided by the U.S. Clerk’s Office of the House of Representatives. It supplies information about the U.S. Government legislative branch to all students. 

NJ Statehouse assists students in physical and virtual tour guides and sessions around the State House and other capitol buildings. Check the site for more information on session dates and times.