Respond to a Jury Notice


Did you receive a jury summons? 

Answer Jury Summons

Trouble logging in? Send a message to . Include your county and your Candidate ID (above the bar code on your summons). 

The jury summons notice is a green postcard with instructions to go to

Remember to stay alert for potential jury scams. The Judiciary will never ask for personal information over the phone or by email. Contact your local jury management office if you have any concerns. 

Please respond promptly.

The deadline to respond to a petit or grand jury notice is 4 days before the service date on the notice.

The deadline to respond to a state grand jury notice is 30 days before the service date on the notice.

You will be unable to log into the system after the deadline. Contact the local jury management office in your county if you miss the deadline.

Check the name on the jury notice.

Are there two adults with the same name in your household? Do you think you received a jury summons intended for someone else? Contact the jury management office for help.

Locate your Candidate ID on the notice.

Your candidate ID is under the barcode on your summons postcard. You will need it to log into the online questionnaire. 

You can ask to reschedule your jury service once you have completed the online questionnaire. 

You can reschedule your jury service to another time if you have a conflict with the date given. Visit the FAQs to learn how to request a different date for jury service.  

The questionnaire will ask your age. You do not need to serve if you are 75 or older. 

Anyone who is 75 or older can request to be permanently excused from jury service.  Visit the FAQs to learn more.

Requests for Postponements and Medical Excuses

Use the following forms to request an excuse from jury service:

Personal Obligation to Care for Minors
Complete the Certification in Support of Request to Excuse from Jury Service: Personal Obligation to Provide Care for Minor Child(ren) if you are personally obligated to care for the minor child(ren). Submit the completed form to the jury management office. By completing the certification, you acknowledge that the court might require more information or financial documentation in support of the request.

Financial Hardship
Complete the Certification in Support of Request to Be Excused from Jury Service Due to Severe Financial Hardship.  The court will look at the sources of your household income; whether you will be paid during jury service; and the impact of the expected length of service to determine whether you can be excused. 

Medical Condition
The Physician Certification in Support of Medical Excuse Request must be completed by a licensed physician. This form should be submitted if you have a medical condition that is not likely to change within a year, and this condition prevents you from serving on jury duty. Certification should be submitted to the jury management office for review and processing.