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The JOBS initiative provides an excellent opportunity to fill labor needs while helping successful probation clients get back on track. 

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JOBS Program Overview 

The Judiciary’s Opportunities for Building Success (JOBS) program provides a tremendous benefit to both hiring companies and successful recovery court and probation clients. The program helps businesses find eager employees while helping people get their life back on track. View the JOBS video or read the JOBS brochure.

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How Does the JOBS Program Work? 

The Probation Division oversees the program. Staff will provide resumes to employers when a new opportunity opens. Probation staff are available to consult with the employer during and after the selection process. 

Probation Staff will: 

  • Help match qualified candidates to a job 
  • Connect employers with probation clients 
  • Create job fairs and interviews 
  • Reach out to business of every size and employment agencies 
  • Provide job readiness training when appropriate

Hire Our Clients with Confidence 

The probation division also provides monitoring and supervision of the employee. This could include ongoing drug screening. In addition, all employees hired through JOBS are eligible for the federal bonding program.

JOBS Program Eligibility 

Potential participants must: 

  • Be under active probation supervision in recovery court, Intensive Supervision Program, or general community supervision. 
  • Cooperate with probation supervision. 
  • Submit to drug screening (for all Recovery Court and select probation clients).

JOBS Business Partnerships

The Judiciary seeks private businesses and non-profit organizations to join the program. We can help our partners build a workforce that reflects the broad diversity of the communities in which they operate and market their services. 

Join the growing list of JOBS partners, such as: 

  • ShopRite 
  • Wakefern 
  • Amazon 
  • Audible 
  • Wayfair

Email to learn more and become a JOBS partner.

Recovery Court and Probation Clients 

Successful recovery court and probation clients can seek employment through the JOBS program. For general probation information, visit the Probation Client Portal. For more job services, visit the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Probation clients can benefit from job readiness training

Probation staff work to find jobs across a wide range of industries and roles. Job types include warehouse, driver/CDL, sales, healthcare, food service, and more. 

Consider joining the federal bond program. Please contact your assigned probation officer for transportation or childcare services.

Upcoming Job Fairs

Look out for the JOBS Program Career Fair monthly event