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JOBS Program

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JOBS Program Overview

The Judiciary’s Opportunities for Building Success (JOBS) program provides a tremendous benefit to both hiring companies and successful recovery court and probation clients.

More than 130,000 New Jerseyans are under probation supervision. Surveys have shown that more than half are unemployed or underemployed. 

Chief Justice Stuart Rabner and Glenn A. Grant, administrative director of the courts, developed the JOBS program to help probation clients gain stable employment so they can rebuild their lives and contribute to society. 

Working with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, colleges and universities, business, industry and governmental agencies, the Judiciary has developed workforce development programs and a growing network of companies and non-profit organizations now participating in the JOBS program. 

Probation clients can and will make good employees. Our goal is to help them find employment at a living wage with benefits, which we believe will act as a pathway to changing their lives and our communities.  

View the JOBS video or read the JOBS brochure.

For Prospective Employers

JOBS Business Partnerships

The Judiciary seeks private businesses and non-profit organizations to join the program. We can help our partners build a workforce that reflects the broad diversity of the communities in which they operate and market their services. 

Join the growing list of JOBS partners, such as: 

  • ShopRite 
  • Wakefern 
  • Amazon 
  • Audible 
  • Wayfair
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
  • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
  • NJ Transit
  • Goya Foods, Inc.
  • Traffic Plan
  • Cooper University Hospital
  • Jingoli
  • Community Food Bank of New Jersey
  • PSE&G
  • Atlantic City Electric

Partnership with the New Jersey Department of Labor

The Judiciary has partnered with the New Jersey Department of Labor (DOL) to help probation clients  secure jobs with a living wage and benefits. The JOBS program has been working with employment liaisons and DOL One-Stop Centers in each vicinage to provide workforce development assistance.  The DOL has provided $9 million in direct grants to workforce development providers to institute programs to prepare probation clients for employment. 

Partnership with the New Jersey Presidents’ Council

The New Jersey Presidents’ Council (NJPC) is a group of the 55 colleges and universities in New Jersey formed to advance the interests of higher education in the state. NJPC members have pledged to hire probation clients and to consider scholarships to incentivize further education and workforce development on member campuses, including the state’s community colleges. 

NJPC members have received DOL grant funding to help probation clients with workforce development and to securing jobs with a living wage and benefits.

The JOBS program also has joined with the NJPC to start a paid internship program for students in the Judiciary’s probation division. Many of these students now work in the probation division.  

Email to learn more and become a JOBS partner.


Get the latest news, events and testimonials in the JOBS newsletter and in our videos.

JOBS Journal


  • JOBS Mission Statement:  Learn about the JOBS program and it’s mission.
  • APEX Graduation:  Probation clients graduate from Apex Solutions Group’s train to hire program. Apex Solutions Group.  Apex has partnered with the JOBS program to provide participants with the education and management skills needed to qualify for employment.
  • JOBS Testimonial:  Chris Paladino, president of the New Brunswick Development Corp., discusses hiring probation clients for construction jobs.
  • JOBS Testimonial:  Joe Jingoli, CEO of Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc., a company that works in the power/energy, economic development, healthcare, gaming, education, and industrial/manufacturing sectors, discusses hiring probation clients and the partnership between his company and the Judiciary. 
  • New Brunswick Train to Hire: Probation clients discuss training that will lead to stable jobs.

How Does the JOBS Program Work? 

The probation division in all 21 counties oversees the program. Staff will provide resumes to employers when a new opportunity opens. Probation staff are available to consult with the employer during and after the selection process. 

Probation staff will: 

  • Help match qualified candidates to a job. 
  • Connect employers with probation clients. 
  • Create job fairs and interviews. 
  • Reach out to business of every size and employment agencies.
  • Provide job readiness training when appropriate.

Hire Our Clients with Confidence 

The probation division also provides monitoring and supervision of the employee. This could include ongoing drug screening. In addition, all employees hired through JOBS are eligible for the federal bonding program.

For Recovery Court and Probation Clients 

Successful recovery court and probation clients can seek employment through the JOBS program. For general probation information, visit the Probation Client Portal. For more job services, visit the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

JOBS Program Eligibility

Potential participants must: 

  • Be under active probation supervision in recovery court, Intensive Supervision Program, or general community supervision. 
  • Cooperate with probation supervision. 
  • Submit to drug screening (for all recovery court and select probation clients).

Probation clients can benefit from job readiness training

Probation staff work to find jobs across a wide range of industries and roles. Job types include warehouse, driver/CDL, sales, healthcare, food service, and more. 

Consider joining the federal bond program.

Upcoming Job Fairs

See all JOBS program Career Fairs.

Make a Difference

Join this growing movement by either hiring individuals involved with probation or contacting your probation officer and becoming a part of the program. We can help the economy, improve lives, and make our communities better.