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Common Acronyms and Glossary of Terms - Adult Probation Supervision

Adjudication  :

The term used for youth who have been sentenced. Youth will receive an Order of Disposition once they are adjudicated which is a family court order. See Juvenile FAQ question "What is an "adjudication?" for more details.

Arrears  :

Past due, unpaid fines, fees and/or restitution owed by the person ordered to pay by a court. 

Civil Judgment :

A civil judgment is a statewide lien against all real property owned by the judgment debtor. This means that the property cannot be sold until the lien is satisfied. It could be issued against all real property, bank accounts and/or personal property in order to satisfy financial obligations owed. 

CMO  :

Case Management Organization. They provide support and services for youth with mental health, behavioral and addiction needs. Contact PerformCare at 1-877-652-7624 for services.

Continuance :

 Approval to move a legal proceeding to a later date.

Deferred Disposition (JDD) :

A deferred disposition is when the court sets aside sentencing you to anything specific, such as a term of probation or incarceration for a period of time. See Juvenile FAQ question "What is a Deferred Disposition?" for more details.

Disposition :

The final settlement of a case, with reference to decisions made by a court.

DNA  :

A DNA test is required of every person convicted of a crime, found not guilty by reason of insanity or adjudicated delinquent.


Department of Corrections.

Docket Number :

The identifying number assigned to every case filed in the court.

Fines/Fees :
  • DAEF – Drug Abuse Education Fund
  • DEDR – Drug Enforcement & Demand Reduction Fine
  • DVVF – Domestic Violence Victim Fund
  • LEOTEF – Law Enforcement Officer’s Training and Equipment Fund
  • VWAF – Victim/Witness Assistance Fund
  • VCCB – Victim’s Crime Compensation Board
  • Restitution
FRO  :

Final Restraining Order. A final order restraining (FRO) shall be issued only on a specific finding of domestic violence or on a stipulation by a defendant to the commission of an act or acts of domestic violence. Defendants may receive a Contempt of Court complaint for failure to abide by the FRO.

Hearing Officers  :

Hearing Officers are appointed by the Chief Justice to preside over preliminary hearings in matters where there is a deficient compliance with payment of court-ordered financial or community service obligations.

Income Withholding/Wage Withholding/Garnishment :

A process in which automatic deductions are made from wages or other income to pay a child support obligation. Income withholding has been mandatory since the enactment of the Family Support Act of 1988.


Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative. This is a statewide initiative to reduce youth in detention centers.


Juvenile Justice Commission – the statewide organization that oversees juvenile justice programs.


Judgment of Conviction – Also known as a court order. The written decision issued by a court of law. The JOC is the final judgment of guilt in a criminal case. Conviction is being found guilty of a criminal charge.

Lien :

Official claim against funds for payment, for example, a claim against future court settlement(s).

Megan’s Law :

A federal and state law requiring law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding registered sex offenders.

Non-compliance :

Failure to obey a court-ordered obligation.

Ombudsman :

A representative from Probation who can answer questions and provide information about probation and court procedures. The ombudsman cannot give legal advice or tell you what you should do about any court matter.


Predisposition Report. A report concerning a youth to the Family Court containing background information.

PerformCare :

Statewide contracted system of care provider.


Pre-Sentence Investigation Report. A report to the criminal sentencing judge containing background information on the defendant.


Senior Probation Officer

Tax Offset (SOIL) :

The amount of money taken from state income tax refund to pay overdue fines, fees or restitution.


Vicinage Assistant Chief Probation Officer


Violation of Probation. A Violation of Probation is the formal filing of charges against a probationer for violating conditions of probation.

Warrant :

A court order authorizing law enforcement officers to make an arrest or conduct a search.

Warrant to Satisfy Judgment :

A judgment is filed when a client fails to make payments on a financial obligation. A Warrant to Satisfy Judgment is the proof the judgment creditor (the person who won the case) uses to acknowledge the judgment (financial obligation owed) has been paid.