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Notable Cases - Overview

These cases deal with issues and outcomes that affect state law, legal procedures, or public interest.

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State of NJ v. Eileen Cassidy

State Police Lab Case

Centralized Case Management of Adjudicated Cases Involving Kamalkant Shah, Forensic Scientist at NJ State Police Office of Forensic Sciences, North Regional Laboratory (Little Falls) Drug Unit

Virtua Health and Capital Health v. the State of NJ

State v. Michael Olenowski

State of NJ v Thomas Zingis

Fair Share Housing (COAH)

Supreme Court COAH Case & Related Filings

Supreme Court COAH Case & Related Filings

Supreme Court To Hear Argument in COAH Case & Related Filings

Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC) Motion in Aid of Litigant's Rights & Related Filings

COAH's Motion for an Extension of Time & Related Filings

NJ Republican State Committee v. Philip D. Murphy