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Learn about custody and visitation arrangements in New Jersey.

Child Custody, Parenting Time, and Visitation

For child custody, the rights of both parents are considered. Minor children must have frequent and continuing contact with both parents after the parents have separated. Parents are encouraged to share the rights and responsibilities of caring for their child(ren).


  • Joint Legal Custody
    • Fosters co-parenting and shared access to information.
  • Sole Legal Custody
    • All major decisions are made by one parent.
  • Primary Residential Custody
    • The child lives with one parent at least 51% of the time.
  • Shared Residential Custody
    • The child resides with each parent equally.

Parenting Time

Parenting Time is the time that a non-custodial parent spends with a child when the other parent has sole legal custody. Supervised parenting time means that the visits are overseen by a third person. The court can appoint a member of the family or another person to supervise.


A grandparent or any sibling of a child living in New Jersey can file in court to request visitation. The filer must prove that visitation is in the best interest of the child.