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Essex Court Offices/Divisions

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Edward D. Wingren III, Trial Court Administrator
973-776-9300 ext. 55700

EEO/AA Officer
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973-776-9300 ext. 56886

Civil Division 

Most civil cases that are heard in the Superior Court involve disputes in which a plaintiff claims that they have been hurt by the actions of the defendant and seeks monetary compensation. Examples of such cases are those involving automobile accidents, medical malpractice, breaches of contracts and landlord/tenant disputes.

Civil cases in which the amount in controversy is more than $20,000 are heard in the Civil Division of Superior Court. Cases in which the amount in controversy is over $5,000 up to $20,000 are heard in the Special Civil Part of the Civil Division. Those in which the amount in controversy is $5,000 or less are also heard in the Special Civil Part and are known as small claims cases. In all, about 460,000 cases are heard in the Civil Division and Special Civil Part.

Civil cases in which monetary damages are not being sought are heard in the General Equity Division of Superior Court. General Equity judges handle non-jury cases such as those involving trade secrets, labor matters, foreclosures and other disputes in which court relief, often in the form of restraining orders, is sought on an emergency basis.

Civil Court Mailing Address

Essex County Veterans Courthouse
50 West Market Street
Suite/Room 131
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Cases Related to Inquiries and Forms:


973-776-9300 ext. 56800

Debra Dadic, Civil Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 56521

General Equity  (Chancery)
973-776-9300 ext. 56900
Special Civil
973-776-9300 ext. 56894
Landlord Tenant
973-776-9300 ext. 56897
973-776-9300 ext. 56905
Small Claims
973-776-9300 ext. 56895

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is responsible for processing and managing all indictable criminal cases involving adult offenders. In rare instances, juveniles may be waived to adult court based on the severity of the offense. The office handles all pre-adjudicatory functions of the Superior Court, Criminal Division, as well as Post Conviction Motions. Disorderly persons, petty disorderly person’s offenses and motor vehicle violations are normally heard in the Municipal Courts. Typical clients of the Criminal Division would be those:

  • Arrested and charged with a criminal offense;
  • Applying for pretrial intervention (PTI);
  • Convicted of a criminal offense and needing a pre-sentence investigation completed;
  • Having a question under pretrial monitoring;
  • Seeking legal representation by the Office of the Public Defender;
  • Inquiring about a criminal public record;
  • Having questions concerning public access terminals;
  • Appealing a Municipal Court sentence (pro se kit available);
  • Applying for an expungement of a criminal record (pro se kit available); and
  • Applying for recovery court


973-776-9300 ext. 55932
Abigail Jacobson, Criminal Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 69029

Central Judicial Processing Court (CJP)
973-776-9300 ext. 56950
Special Remand Court
973-776-9300 ext. 55997
Recovery Court
973-776-9461 ext. 56953

Family Division

Family Court is responsible to hear all actions in which the principal claim is unique to and arises out of a family or family type relationship. Family Court has jurisdiction over matters involving divorce, child support, paternity, custody, parenting time, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, family crisis, foster care placement, kinship legal guardianship, abuse and neglect, termination of parental rights and adoption.

973-776-9300 ext. 57048


Kesha Manning, Family Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 69031

973-776-9300 ext. 57040
Domestic Violence  - Plantiff
973-776-9300 ext. 56840
Domestic Violence  - Defendant
973-776-9300 ext. 57049
Non-Dissolution Unit
973-776-9300 ext. 57048
Juvenile Unit
973-776-9300 ext. 56775
Children in Court
973-776-9300 ext. 56610

Finance Division

The Division of Finance manages all aspects of the Court's financial operations including the collection of fines, restitution, child support, bail and fees which are due to government agencies and individuals.



Carol Lyewgiles, Finance Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 69026

Bail Unit
973-776-9300 ext. 56892

Human Resources Division

The Division of Human Resources is responsible for a variety of programs and services for employees and applicants. The division administers all Human Resources related functions for the New Jersey Superior Court in each vicinage. The division is responsible for personnel management, labor and employee relations, Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action, training, payroll, health benefits, administration and volunteer programs.

The Superior Court employs individuals in a wide variety of types of positions. We have career opportunities for individuals in direct court services functions (i.e., Probation Officers, Criminal, Family and Civil case management, support staff, etc.) and in support services functions (i.e., Human Resources, Finance, Facilities, Purchasing, etc.).

See employment opportunities.

Human Resources
973-776-9300 ext. 55740


Dawna Scott, Human Resources Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 55747

IT Division

Michael Grosso, IT Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 69027

Municipal Division

Municipal courts have jurisdiction over various matters, including motor vehicle and traffic violations, ordinance violations, disorderly and petty disorderly persons offenses and certain penalty enforcement actions, such as fish and game violations. The municipal courts also play a vital role in the indictable charges that ultimately end up in Superior Court. These charges are filed first in the municipal court, where a determination of probable cause is made, conditions of pretrial release are set, and preliminary arraignments are held. The complaints are then forwarded to the county prosecutor’s office for possible grand jury action. Many indictable charges are downgraded to disorderly persons offenses and are heard in the municipal court.

Municipal courts have very limited juvenile jurisdiction such as jurisdiction to handle motor vehicle complaints involving minors and curfew violations. In addition to assessing fines and revoking various privileges, municipal court judges may imprison defendants for up to six months. There are no jury trials in municipal court.

Questions or comments concerning court operations in any of the municipal courts may be directed to the attention of the Municipal Division Manager or visit the Municipal Court within the Superior Court of New Jersey page. 

973-776-9300 ext. 56889


Anu Abraham, Municipal Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 69028

Operations Division

Operations Division Main Office
973-776-9300 ext. 55700

John Napolitano, Operations Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 55707

Megan Gritsman, Operations Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 56793

Rachel Brooks, Jury Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 56887

Transcript Unit
973-776-9300, ext. 56685
Jury Management
973-776-9300 ext. 56887

Probation Division


The Probation Division, as part of the Judiciary, plays a vital role in accomplishing the mission of the Court.

The role of Probation Division is to promote the welfare and safety of children, families and communities in New Jersey by enforcing court orders, supervising offenders, monitoring behavior, and intervening to produce positive outcomes.

973-776-9300 ext. 53021


Ana Rivera, Probation Division Manager
973-776-9300 ext. 69032