Municipal Court Case Law

Date Case Citation Category/Keyword
11/16/2022 State v. Jamal Wade _N.J._(2022) First Appearance; Miranda warnings
08/17/2022 State v. Scott M. Hahn _N.J. Super_ (App. Div. 2022) Miranda rights; Miranda waiver
07/19/2022 In Re: Nino F. Falcone Order Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct; Judges; Misconduct; Ethics
07/19/2022 State v. Hindraj L. Balani __N.J. Super.__ (Law Div. 2022) municipal appeal; 6:2-5; Penalty Collection Proceedings; N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.32(a); jurisdiction
07/15/2022 State v. Alberto Lopez __N.J. Super.__ (App. Div. 2022) 6th amendment right to counsel; interrogation; impeachment; juvenile
06/30/2022 State v. Kyle Smart __N.J. Super.__ (App. Div. 2022) warrantless search; automobile exception; motor vehicle stop; probable cause
06/28/2022 State v. David L. Smith __N.J.__(2022) seizure of vehicle; traffic stop; tinted windows
06/22/2022 State v. Abayuba Rivas __N.J.__(2022) self-incrimination; custodial interrogation; Miranda waiver; right to counsel
05/18/2022 In Re: Cecilia Sardina Guzman Order Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct; Judges; Misconduct; Ethics
05/16/2022 In Re: Guy W. Killen Order Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct; Judges; Misconduct; Ethics
05/02/2022 State v. O.D.A.-C __N.J.__(2022) Miranda rights; Miranda waiver
04/25/2022 State v. Thomas Zingis __N.J. Super.__(App. Div. 2022) Drunk driving; DWI: Alcotest; State v. Cassidy; Cassidy notice
04/18/2022 State v. Steve Cotto, a/k/a/ Steven Sosa __N.J. Super.__(App. Div. 2022) Miranda rights; Miranda waiver; State v. Sims, __ N.J. __ (2022)
04/08/2022 State v. Nestor Francisco a/k/a Canela Lopez __N.J. Super.__(App. Div. 2022) Miranda rights; Miranda waiver; immigration status; immigration consequences
04/06/2022 In re: Nino F. Falcone Presentment Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct; Judges; Misconduct
04/06/2022 State v. M.B. __N.J. Super.__(App. Div. 2022) Temporary restraining order (TRO); telephonic search warrant; weapons search
04/05/2022 State v. Michael A. Konecny __N.J.__(2022) DWI: Laurick; R. 7:10-2 (Post Conviction Relief); Municipal Court Practice Committee; uncounseled; right to counsel; increased custodial sentence; driving while suspended (DWS); N.J.S.A. 2C:40-26(b); post-conviction relief (PCR)
03/16/2022 State v. Anthony Sims, Jr. __N.J.__(2022) Self-incrimination; Custodial interrogation; Miranda waiver
03/09/2022 State v. Michelangelo Troisi __N.J. Super.__(App. Div. 2022) Use of Wireless Phone or Other Electronic Communication Device While Driving; N.J.S.A. 39:4-97.3
02/08/2022 State v. Laura Gonzalez __N.J.__(2022) Right to counsel; custodial interrogation
02/07/2022 State v. Matthew Diaz __N.J. Super.__(App Div. 2022) Waiver of Miranda rights, knowing and intelligent; suppression of incriminating statements; trickery or deception; custodial interrogation
02/01/2022 State v. J.T __N.J. Super.__(Chancery Div. 2022) Domestic violence; TRO; contempt charge
01/25/2022 State v. Peter Nyema/Jamar J. Myers __N.J.__(2022) Investigative stop; Terry stop; Search and seizure: auto; reasonable suspicion
01/20/2022 State v. Christopher Radel/Keith Terres __N.J.__(2022) Search and seizure: protective sweep; warrantless entry; reasonable and articulable suspicion; imminent threat