RULE 1:28A-5 - Confidentiality

RULE 1:28A-5 - Confidentiality

All activities conducted and records made or maintained by the IOLTA Fund in connection with its operations under this rule shall not be disclosed, except that the IOLTA Board is authorized to:

(a) Release such information as it may deem necessary to carry out its responsibilities as prescribed by this rule, including the identity of recipients and amounts and purposes of grant awards, and data concerning participating financial institutions; and

(b) Release statistical and other information in its annual report to the Supreme Court or as requested by the Supreme Court.



Note: Former Rule 1:28A-5 redesignated as Rule 1:28A-4 September 15, 1992 to be effective January 1, 1993. New Rule 1:28A-5 adopted July 12, 2002 to be effective September 3, 2002.