RULE 1:28A-3 - Duties of Trustees and Officers

RULE 1:28A-3 - Duties of Trustees and Officers

(a) Audit and Report. The Trustees shall arrange for an independent audit annually and at such other times as the Supreme Court shall direct, such audits to be at the expense of the Fund. The annual audit shall be included in a report to be submitted annually by the Trustees to the Supreme Court, reviewing in detail the administration of the Fund during the preceding year.

(b) Applications to the Supreme Court. The Trustees may apply to the Supreme Court for interpretations of these Rules and of the extent of their powers thereunder and for advice regarding the proper administration of the Fund.

(c) Treasurer's Duties. The treasurer shall maintain the assets of the Fund in separate accounts and shall disburse monies therefrom only on the action of the Trustees pursuant to these Rules. He or she shall file a bond annually with the Trustees with such surety as may be approved by them and in such amount as they may fix.


Note: Adopted as R. 1:28A-4 February 23, 1988, to be effective March 1, 1988; renumbered as R. 1:28A-3 and paragraphs (b) and (c) amended September 15, 1992, to be effective January 1, 1993.