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Estimated Costs for Transcripts

This chart is for estimation purposes only 

Only the transcript agency can provide you with the actual cost of your transcript. 

NOTE: An order granting relief to proceed as an indigent does not entitle you to transcripts at public expense. Transcripts at public expense are typically granted only in criminal cases where the defendant qualifies for that relief. For additional questions, please contact your case manager.

Do not expect to receive transcripts at public expense for a civil or family appeal



(30 Calendar Days) 


(7 Calendar Days)  


(Next Business Day)

Original Only/page 




30 Minutes 

$ 140 

$ 210 

$ 280 

Up to 1 Hour 

$ 280 

$ 420 

$ 560 

Up to 2 Hours 

$ 560 

$ 840 


Up to ½ Day (3 hours) 

$ 840 



Full Day (6 hours) 




Please Note: 

Additional copies are no longer required per rule relaxation of R. 2:5-3 dated October 10, 2018. However, if a litigant chooses to do so, additional copies may be ordered at the following rates: 

Type of Service 

Transcript to Be Provided Within 

Fee for Additional Copy of Transcript 


30 calendar days 

$0.78 per page 


7 to 10 calendar days 

$1.17 per page 


next calendar day 

$1.56 per page 

  • The above calculations are based on the current page rates (as Set by NJ Statute 2B:7-4) which are effective through July 1, 2025. 

  • An agency will not begin work on your transcript until they receive the estimated cost from the ordering party. 

  • The cost for a transcript is based upon the estimated number of pages that will comprise the final transcript. A refund or balance due will be settled upon completion of a transcript (R. 2:5-3(d)).