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How are transcripts filed in eCourts Appellate?

Question and Answer

How are transcripts filed in eCourts Appellate?

Transcripts that are ordered for appeal purposes, are filed through the Clerk’s office. The transcripts will be upload to the eCourts Appellate system after being filed. The case manager will notify when to submit 3 filed stamped copies.

Transcripts in the attorney’s possession are uploaded by the attorney of record.

  1. From My Case List click the Edit button next to the appropriate case.
  2. Select “I am adding Documents” option from the Edit Case popup.
  3. On the List of Documents page click Add Document button.
  4. From the Category drop down menu select Transcript.
  5. From the Document Type drop down menu select the applicable transcript type.
  6. Complete the required fields, upload a copy of the transcript, and submit your filing.