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What is the electronic Case Jacket?

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What is the electronic Case Jacket?

The electronic Case Jacket displays case summary information and will contain court documents and notices e-filed through eCourts. The Case Jacket may include items such as complaints, motions, briefs, signed orders, and notifications.

Documents filed via the traditional paper submission process, previously or in the future, may be added to eCourts by court staff for case management purposes. Should you need access to filed documents which do not appear in the electronic case jacket, the customary records request procedures should be followed.

For Criminal cases, the electronic case jacket does not yet include the following materials: discovery documentation; documents submitted by non-eCourts users; other case-related documents such as Complaints, and Presentence Investigation Reports; and paper case filings submitted prior to the implementation of eCourts (unless uploaded by court staff).

For Special Civil Part and Foreclosure, the case jacket includes all documents previously submitted via the Judiciary Electronic Filing and Imaging System (JEFIS).