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Model Civil Jury Charges

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The Model Civil Jury Charges are a framework for building a set of jury instructions. Each case turns on unique facts and trial courts and litigants must tailor the model charges to conform to the facts and circumstances of the case being tried. The Committee on Model Civil Jury Charges attempts to keep the model charges current with the state of the law. Where applicable, trial judges and litigants must tailor the Model Civil Jury Charges to reflect changes in the law since the Committee published any particular model jury charge. Accordingly, the Model Civil Jury Charge Committee reminds trial judges and litigants that the Model Civil Jury Charges are merely the starting point of the process of constructing an appropriate charge that adequately explains the law to the jury in the context of the material facts of the case being tried.

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Committee on Model Civil Jury Charges

The Model Civil Jury Charge Committee is a standing committee of the New Jersey Supreme Court. The New Jersey Supreme Court does not sanction or approve the model charges before publication by the Committee, although the Court does sometimes comment on the sufficiency of a charge in the context of a particular case.

The Committee prepares and updates model civil jury charges to be useful to trial judges and litigants to accomplish the important function of adequately and understandably instructing civil juries. The charges provide model instructions and related clarifying judges’ notes. The charges are created to enhance comprehension by jurors, while retaining a balanced and accurate statement of the law.

2022-2024 Committee Members

Judge Michael V. Cresitello, Jr., Chair
Judge Mara Zazzali-Hogan, Vice-Chair
Sean P. Buckley
Judge Timothy W. Chell
David J. Dering
Judge Bina K. Desai
Michael J. Epstein
Erica Leigh Fields
Corey J. Gaul
Craig J. Hubert
Judge Sarah Beth Johnson
Marian I. Kelly
Evan J. Lide
Cristie R. Nastasi
Judge John D. O’Dwyer
Ryan A. Richman
Stefani C. Schwartz
Asaad K. Siddiqi

Kristi Jasberg Robinson, Committee Staff
Suvarna Sampale, Committee Staff