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Directive #05-24 – Updated Domestic Violence Brochures

Directive #05-24 – Updated Domestic Violence Brochures

This directive promulgates three revised and updated domestic violence brochures. The attached brochures explain the entire domestic violence court process for both the plaintiff and the defendant. Each brochure references the other two so that court users are aware of the additional information that is available. 

The three new brochures cover the following areas: 

  1.  “What is Domestic Violence?”
  2. “Temporary Restraining Order Process”
  3. “Final Restraining Order Process”

The brochures will be posted on the Judiciary’s website ( for access by the Family Division, the Municipal Courts, litigants, and others. Printed versions will be distributed to the Vicinage Family Divisions, as well as a version suitable for inclusion LED/LCD directional monitors.  
Questions regarding this Directive should be addressed to the AOC Family Practice Division at 609-815-2900, ext. 55350. 

Document Date: April 8, 2024

Publish Date: April 10, 2024