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Directive #16-23 - Family - Parenting Coordinator Program - Guidelines; Forms

This directive promulgates statewide operational guidelines and forms for the Parenting Coordinator Program as approved by the Supreme Court. New Court Rule 5:8D, effective September 1, 2023, establishes the Parenting Coordinator Program, defines the role of the Parenting Coordinator, and establishes the appointment process for rostered and non~rostered Parenting Coordinators.

A Parenting Coordinator is a neutral person appointed by the court to facilitate the timely resolution of day-to-day parenting issues that arise within the context of family life when the parties cannot resolve issues on their own. Using the Order Appointing Parenting Coordinator, the court may appoint a Parenting Coordinator in dissolution (FM) and non"".dissolution (FD) matters after the entry of (1) a pendente lite order or a temporary or final custody order, and (2) a parenting plan.

Parenting Coordinators can be selected from the Judiciary's Roster of Statewide Approved Parenting Coordinators ("Roster"), or the court may approve the appointment of a Parenting Coordinator who is not on the Roster if the parties consent. To be placed on the Roster, applicants must meet the qualifications and training requirements set forth in the attached Parenting Coordinator Guidelines. They must also submit the attached Application for Admission to the Roster of Statewide Approved Parenting Coordinators. Once . on the Roster, Parenting Coordinators may change or update their profile by submitting a Roster of Statewide Parenting Coordinators Change/Update Form.

The Roster and forms will be posted online at A training program that meets the requirements set forth in R. 5: 8D and the attached Parenting Coordinator Guidelines is being planned.

Document Date: Sept. 1, 2023

Publish Date: Sept. 5, 2023