Notice – Middlesex County Fee Arbitration Committee Secretary Vacancy – Seeking Applicants

Notice – Middlesex County Fee Arbitration Committee Secretary Vacancy – Seeking Applicants


            The Office of Attorney Ethics (OAE) is seeking attorney applicants for the volunteer position of District Fee Arbitration Committee (DF AC) secretary for DF AC VIII, which covers Middlesex County. The OAE Director, after consultation with the DFAC chair, appoints the secretary, pursuant to R. 1 :20A-l(c), for performance of the functions specified in R. 1:20A-1 to -6. The secretary must be an attorney with an office in Middlesex County and will play a critical administrative role in the resolution of attorney-client fee disputes arising in Middlesex County. 

            The District Secretary is a volunteer position that performs critical tasks attendant to the operation of the local DF AC and the attorney disciplinary system as a whole. The selected District Secretary is paid an emolument set by the Supreme Court to reimburse for costs and expenses. The secretary's duties include: 

  • keeping full and complete records of all DF AC proceedings.
  • maintaining files (including in electronic format in the OAE database) of all fee disputes received, with such records scanned and uploaded in the OAE database on a timely basis.
  • ensuring careful adherence to the Court Rules for the processing of all requests for fee arbitration.
  • working with the DF AC chair and vice chair to administer the DF AC, including by assisting in overseeing the timely completion of all hearings on the DFAC's docket of pending cases; and
  • responding to inquiries from the OAE, the public, attorneys, courts, DF AC officers and members, and/or interested parties about the fee arbitration process.

            The Judiciary is committed to maintaining an inclusive volunteer corps that reflects the diversity of the population it serves. 

            Any interested attorney should submit a letter of interest and a resume, to be received on or before Monday, December 11, 2023, to 


 or by mail to the following address: 

Director, Office of Attorney Ethics P.O. Box 963 
Trenton, NJ 08625 

             Questions concerning this Notice to the Bar may also be directed to the e-mail address above or to (609) 403-7800, extension 34162. 

Document Date: Nov. 15, 2023

Publish Date: Nov. 15, 2023