Juvenile Intensive Supervision (JISP)

The Juvenile Intensive Supervision Program (JSP) provides to juveniles adjudicated delinquent a program of community supervision and serves as a dispositional option in the Family Court's continuum of responses. Juveniles who qualify present an individualized case plan that gives full assurance that their supervision in the community will result in positive social adjustments and not jeopardize the public's safety.

Juveniles admitted into the program are required to have a Community Mentor and a Core Community Team. The Core Community Team consists of seven to ten volunteers, preferably neighborhood citizens, who meet at least two times per month for review of the juvenile's program compliance. The Community Mentor works closely with JISP staff, the juvenile, the family and the Core Community Team in the rehabilitative effort. The mentor should be of such character to serve as a role model for the program participant. Volunteers that participate in this program are required to receive program-specific training.