Judiciary Electronic Document Submission (JEDS)

For self-represented litigants and attorneys submitting documents in cases not managed through eCourts.

Attorneys with eCourts access
should use existing login credentials


Once you have registered, you can follow our detailed instructions or watch this instructional video for uploading documents.


Upload complaints, answers, and other filings in your court case.
Use a credit card or ACH to pay the filing fee, if there is one.
Break documents bigger than 35 MB into smaller files before uploading.


Upload evidence, or discovery documents.
If you are an attorney, do not use this system to upload documents that can be submitted through eCourts, such as tax appeals, civil or criminal cases, or filings in the Appellate Division.

Emergent Matters

Self-represented litigants can submit emergent matters through JEDS or the emergent matters mailbox for your county. Learn more.
Attorneys should submit emergent matters through JEDS unless they can be submitted through eCourts.


Email your local ombudsman if you have questions about what you can file.

Email our support team if you have technical issues using the system.

See all frequently asked questions.