Atlantic County Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information - Atlantic County

Guidelines: Read about the general guidelines for the volunteer program, that should be considered before submitting a volunteer application.

Program Descriptions: Click any of the program titles below to view the program description or view a statewide list of the court volunteer programs. Please note that the availability of programs varies by county based on the needs of the local court and the particular community.

How to Apply: Access the volunteer application, which should be printed, completed (including an original signature), and forwarded to the address shown below.

  • Atlantic County Civil Courts Building
  • 1201 Bacharach Blvd.
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401
  • ATTN: Volunteer Services Liaison

Get directions to Atlantic county courthouse.

Contact Us: Should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to email or call the local volunteer services liaison using the contact information below.