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Notice on Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, refers to computer systems or software designed to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. This includes activities such as understanding language, recognizing patterns, and making decisions.

If you require legal support, your best option is legal representation.

  • You can find legal resources through the NJ Courts website.
  • If you cannot afford to pay for an attorney, you may be eligible for help from certain resources. Legal Services of New Jersey provides free legal assistance to low-income people in New Jersey. They also have a helpful website with legal forms, manuals, and articles to help answer your legal questions. In addition, the NJ State Bar Association has a list of lawyer referral organizations.
  • For certain criminal and other cases, legal representation may be available through the Office of the Public Defender.

Court Ombudsman staff can help you find information and offices. They can explain court processes and guide you through the court process. Ombudsman staff cannot recommend a particular lawyer but can provide information about available legal resources.

If you choose to represent yourself in court and to use AI, please be aware of the following:

  • AI technologies might engage in activities that constitute the unauthorized practice of law, which is prohibited. Some services might offer legal advice or products that do not comply with New Jersey laws or the ethical standards governing the legal profession.
  • Generative AI has the potential to create false or misleading information, known as hallucinations. Always carefully evaluate the information generated by AI, especially when it pertains to legal matters, to make sure it is accurate and reliable.
  • If you represent yourself in court, you are responsible to ensure that all communications with the court, including those assisted by AI, are honest and truthful. Misrepresentations, even if unintentionally made through the use of AI, can have serious legal consequences.