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The following are photographs of the old Supreme Court courtroom and conference room, which were located in the Statehouse Annex adjacent to the Statehouse. The annex was built in the late 1920s and originally housed the Judiciary and the New Jersey State Library and New Jersey State Museum. The old courtroom and conference room have been converted into hearing rooms for the state Senate and Assembly. The conference room includes details such as stained-glass windows embossed with old court seals and dark wood paneled walls with a carved state seal. These stained-glass windows, embossed with the seals of the old courts prior to enactment of the 1947 constitution, are now hidden behind heavy curtains in the old Supreme Court conference room.

Virtual Tour of the NJ Statehouse Annex (video) Part 1
Virtual Tour of the NJ Statehouse Annex (video) Part 2